Windows Movie Maker

If you have a passion for being a film maker to showcase your artistic talent, you can easily choose online movie making programs. Using an advanced Microsoft Windows XP, you can create an excellent movie which can be shared through internet portals. Your family members, friends and other relatives can watch online movies which have been made by you using sophisticated technology. It has now become very easy to shoot the movies just staying at home. Movie Maker is a sophisticated software tool to edit the video online. This software device is backed by Windows XP system. You can even store online movies in CDs and DVDs. If you have Video Media Player, you can easily watch the movie through your laptop or digital notebook.

In this connection, you can even watch online podcasts and You Tubes for observing demos. It will give you a short brush up training program to learn fast how to make a movie online. In the past, a family album helped a man to hold on to the past memories through preservation of still pictures and photos. Now technology has transformed with time. You can capture beautiful moments which you have passed with your parents, sisters, brothers and your sweetheart by conducting a live coverage. Windows Movie Maker tool is efficient and easily operable. You must know what sort of video making and editing devices and accessories are required to complete a fully upgraded movie which can be exchanged with online visitors and friends.

Before shooting movies online, you must make specific plans to arrange necessary Movie Maker devices and sophisticated equipments. You should prepare a list of necessary items which will include Mini DV, camera or cam recorder, Mini DV tapes including a fully sophisticated computer for screening video clips and movies. You can also shoot slide shows by using digital cameras. If you have Microsoft Windows XP it should be equipped with Movie Maker 2.1 version. In addition, you must upgrade your laptop with FireWire/IEEE 1394 porting device for getting better results.

You must buy a highly technologically advanced camera which should be loaded with memory card, zooming lenses, powerful shuttering modes, batteries and very high quality flashing chips. On the other hand, check whether your computer is upgraded with External USB hard disk, DVD burner and DVD media with headset. In this connection, you should consult experts who have extensive knowledge in online movie making projects. If you are a newcomer in this fantastic entertainment program, you need to get short training from any professional institute to increase your capability and efficiency to make private video movies.

Categories for Windows Phone Development


Windows Phone Development is a new technology platform in the market in comparison to the other well known mobile development verticals. During its short tenure, it has emerged as a valuable vertical and as of now, is projecting itself as a capable competitor to the existing rivals, of the likes of Android and iOS. This article takes a dig at the most feasible reasons leading to the widespread popularity, followed by the mention of prominent apps from various Windows Phone categories that fare way better than their counterparts.

Probable Reason behind Windows Phone development

A bulk of credit to the popularity of this mobile development domain goes to the extension of the Windows Phone 8 OS to multiple devices, such as HTC, Nokia Lumia and Huawei, which has also worked actively in motivating the professionals to develop exclusive Windows Phone apps. Yet another prominent factor in this regard is Voice command, which is the latest feature addition in the Windows Phone family. This feature helps users to operate the phone and apps using voice commands. They can call, make Bing search queries, send messages and much more by merely speaking instead of typing. As obvious, it acts as a significant booster in glorifying the Windows Phone app development industry

Prominent Windows Phone app Categories

Entertainment: The Windows App store is home to a number of entertainment apps related to movies, ringtones, HD Wallpapers, painting, etc. Flixster is a widely popular application in this context, which is perhaps the best one to enjoy movie trailers, get information about show times and read out films reviews by critics. The newly introduced features of the free App also let users set movie posters as lock screens. The voice command facility is a further plus that lets the users to search information about their movies by merely speaking to the phone while the app is up and running.

Lifestyle: This is the section everyone looks forward to. Sophisticated mobile applications that could help you maintain an exquisite lifestyle are always greeted by open arms, Magic Mirror is one such noteworthy app. As the name suggests, it lets you experiment your looks with a host of fresh and fascinating color variations, hairstyles and more. You may often use it for fun or for checking out various options to choose an enticing one finally for a party. It is available at a nominal cost, engages less space, works on Windows 7.5 and 8. and leaves the users with maximum exhilaration.

Travel: The travel industry is wide and rich, and so are its apps. You can have robust tools that provide detailed info on tourism, on the other hand, some may also fetch valuable details regarding flight, metro train or bus ticket availability, stations, stops, etc. Delhi Metro App from Finoit labs is a decent Windows Phone to fit the bill. It provides all the tidbits that one can gain about first of its kind modern public transportation system in India. Users can seek its help to know about tourist places, restaurants, hotels, metro train timings, fare, smart card info and so on. It works perfectly offline and is free of cost

Windows Vista

After a gap of nearly 5 years, Microsoft released the latest version of Windows which is named as Vista. With a name change from Longhorn to Vista, the stable version of Windows is expected to be released during November 2006. The beta version of this software is already available as a free download. If you have a lot of patience or a very high speed internet connection then you can download Vista which is nearly 2.5 GB in size.

Microsoft promises that Vista will have plenty of new features which includes updated graphical user interface (GUI), Windows DVD Maker – a new creation tool for multimedia – and totally revamped audio, print and networking sub-systems. Vista will make use of peer-to-peer technology to make file sharing between networked computers easier. With the inclusion of Virtual PC in Vista, Microsoft claims that running previous versions of Windows simultaneously on the same machine will not be a problem

The developers can make use of the Net Framework version 3.0 introduced in Vista. This version is claimed to be easier to work with than the traditional Windows API.

The most common criticism of Windows XP is its unstable security and its inability to protect the system from buffer overflows, viruses and malware. The stated goal of Vista is to improve the security considerably and make the system protected from the invasion of malwares and virus threats.

Vista comes with improved performance of Windows Shell, easier and faster search functions, a sidebar resembling Apple’s Spotlight, desktop gadgets for applets, the latest version of Internet Explorer – the controversial web browser of Microsoft -, Windows Media Player 11, specialized User Account Control, built in Firewall to control and monitor outgoing and incoming traffic, Windows Defender, a Windows version of anti-spyware and Windows mail which will replace the existing Outlook Express.

Microsoft claims Vista will help in improving the performance of the PC in certain key areas which includes starting up, response to user actions, and waking up. The start up is going to be very quick and while background processing of scripts and applications are executed, the other desired tasks can be performed by the users.

The new sleep state provision in Vista has combined features for standby mode, data protection and low power usage during hibernation.

If you want to try Vista on your desktop computer then your system should have a processor which should be at least 800MHZ speed, 512 MB RAM and have the latest version of any good graphic card capable of executing DirectX version 9 or above. This is only a minimum requirement. For optimum results a better processor – above 1.2GHZ is needed.