Features in Windows 8 Phone

gj3Windows Phone 8 is much talked about in the technology news. Technology enthusiasts are always on a look out for the latest and so talking about the features of Windows 8 is something to look forward to. When it comes to Windows 8 enabled phone the most important thing to notice is that it is powered by many new features. The features provided in this phone are better than that of its predecessor as this system is based on NT; it also has a new Kernel. Let us find out more about it and the eight new features of this new phone.

• Startup screen
• Data usage alerts
• News & Movies Updates
• Maps available offline
• Me Tile Functionality
• Local Deals by Bing
• E-Wallet
• Card Data Swapping feature

Now let us explore each of the above given eight features one by one that makes this phone fascinating

Startup screen

The startup screen as provided in the new version of Windows is something that comes with an added advantage to

Categories for Windows Phone Development


Windows Phone Development is a new technology platform in the market in comparison to the other well known mobile development verticals. During its short tenure, it has emerged as a valuable vertical and as of now, is projecting itself as a capable competitor to the existing rivals, of the likes of Android and iOS. This article takes a dig at the most feasible reasons leading to the widespread popularity, followed by the mention of prominent apps from various Windows Phone categories that fare way better than their counterparts.

Probable Reason behind Windows Phone development

A bulk of credit to the popularity of this mobile development domain goes to the extension of the Windows Phone 8 OS to multiple devices, such as HTC, Nokia Lumia and Huawei, which has also worked actively in motivating the professionals to develop exclusive Windows Phone apps. Yet another prominent factor in this regard is Voice command, which is the latest feature addition in the Windows Phone family. This feature helps users to operate the phone and apps using voice commands. They can call, make Bing search

Tweak Your Windows


Optimizing overall performance of your PC is definitely an important reality. The version of Windows today proves to have a better performance, which may relate the memory usage of other applications. For Windows monitoring as well as trouble shooting, Windows offers well-known tools like Task Manager, Resource Monitor, and MSConfig. These tools tend to be effective and easy to work with, however they represent only a tiny portion of what Windows system optimizing applications can accomplish. Many Windows optimizing programs provide you with levels of depth and detail that are intelligible and helpful merely to professional users, however, plenty of other tools can assist average users to find out what is happening behind the scene. Here is a free highlight.

These tools usually come with a combination of cost-free Windows programs which help users optimize, twist, repair, cleanup as well as accelerate your Windows. Some of the functionality you might be looking for are Disk Cleaner, Registry Cleaner, File Recovery, File Shredder, Auto Clicker, WiFi Hotspot Creator, Keylogger, Shortcut Fixer, File Splitter & Joiner, File/Folder Monitor, Resource Extractor, Empty Folder Remover and

Tips for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10

The most popular or widely used Windows versions are Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. Windows 7 with codename Vienna or Blackcomb is part of the Windows NT family and was released back in July 22, 2009. This version was created to address the critical reception of its predecessor which is the Windows Vista. Windows 7 has received significant positive remarks due to its increased performance, intuitive interface and many other noted improvements. In fact, some critics have strongly pointed out that Windows 7 is the best Windows version ever. One of the best things about this version is that users now have plenty of options to actually increase their productivity while working on their computer.

Here are the top 10 tricks and tips for Windows 7:

1. Make use of Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts such as pressing Ctrl + Shift + N to create a new folder.

2. Make the most out of Jump Lists so you can easily access any folder or windows that you usually use.

3. Use hidden international themes or wallpapers by following these steps:

Type C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT in the search box at the Start Menu and

Thinking Of Upgrading Your Computer System To Microsoft Windows 8.1

In 2012 Microsoft launched Windows 8. In some respects, the idea behind the new platform was to bridge the gap between Windows on PC’s / laptops and the new touchscreen devices such as tablets and mobile phones.

Sadly, Windows 8 was not the success Microsoft had hoped for, with many users complaining about the huge departure away from familiar layouts. This resulted in confusion and frustration about what can essentially be called an unfinished platform.

Moving on a year, Microsoft has launched version Windows 8.1. With the majority of existing Microsoft users deciding to reject the initial Windows 8 upgrade, is this the right time for them to consider 8.1? Also, what about existing Windows 8 users? Should they upgrade too?

Virtually all PC’s and laptops are now sold with either Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 operating system. Therefore, when investing in new hardware in the future, there is no escape and you will be forced to accept the latest platform over your preferred option.

Additionally, Microsoft have announced that they will cease supporting Windows 7 from January 2015, and therefore it’s inevitable that you will need to adopt this latest offering even if

How to Find the Best Windows Phone 7 Apps

Windows Phone 7 marketplace is Microsoft’s virtual store to download apps, games, music, TV shows, movies, podcasts-in other words, everything that makes your Windows Phone 7 more fun and useful. In this article, you’ll learn how to find and buy great Windows Phone 7 apps and entertainment in Marketplace. I’ll also cover the Games hub. With its strong Xbox pedigree, Windows Phone 7 is quickly shaping up to be a killer gaming machine.

You’ll find Marketplace on both your phone and PC. Think of the PC version as the flagship store: It has everything Microsoft has to offer. The Marketplace hub on your phone is a branch outlet. It deals only in apps, games, and music. But the hub has the advantage of convenience, since you can shop directly on your phone. By the way, not everything in Marketplace costs money. Many apps and games are free. Some paid apps in Marketplace also let you try them before you buy them.

Speaking of games, Windows Phone is the first mobile device to fully weave in Xbox LIVE, Microsoft’s hugely popular online gaming service, with more than 20 million subscribers. If you’re one of them, you’ll have

Technology History


First Computer Invented:

Most people when they think of first computer invented they think Bill Gates. This, however, is not true, for the computer was invented long before Bill Gates was around. Bill Gates only revolutionized the computer, buy creating a more compact and useful form of the computer and making it available to everyone with a job.

There are many people out there who would say that the first “computer” was the abacus, invented in Asia about 5000 years ago. I however, wouldn’t.

The first of the “modern” computers was invented during World War II, in 1941 by a German engineer named Konrad Zuse. Its name was the Z3 and it was used to help design German airplanes and missile’s. Then in 1943, the Allied forces developed a computer called Colossus. It helped decode German messages.

The Mark I, designed by Howard H. Aiken, an engineer working with Harvard and IBM. The Mark I was positively huge, taking up half of a football field. It was useful though and it helped to create ballistic charts for the US Navy during the war.

Shortly after this, came the Electronic Numerical

Features in Windows Vista

Windows Vista, scheduled for release on January 30th, 2007 has something for everyone, from tight security and stunning new graphics to some new bundled applications. In fact, there is much that this new operating system has to offer, that it will be a real test for the hardware configuration of your PC. With its sleek new look and eye-catching interface, actually it’s what’s under the hood that impresses the most. Microsoft’s done a great job of improving security across the board as this was their priority when they were developing Vista in the first place. Features like Windows and spyware library updates are streamlined, and I definitely appreciate the more robust Backup software.

Internet Explorer is the new web browser that comes with Windows Vista, but as we all know you can download it for XP as well, so this article won’t focus on it. Windows Media Player 11 can also be installed to the XP system. A really intriguing stuff is the Windows Sidebar, which puts real-time weather info, stock quotes, system status, RSS feeds, and other information on the display.

This article puts the focus on the top new features in Window Vista, things

Future of Mobile Operating Systems

Rapid advancements in electronics and telecommunications technology brought about a revolution in the way people communicate. The computer, which used to be bulky and immobile, is now ubiquitously incorporated into a smartphone via mobile operating systems like the Windows Phone. Intelligent mobile computing is the current trend of mobile devices more than the basic telecommunication capabilities. Now, the consumer market get to enjoy the advanced features of this premier mobile operating system, unlike before in which the older Windows Mobile platform was aimed primarily for the enterprise market.

The Windows Phone, which was previously known as the Windows Phone 7 Series, was launched in the fourth quarter of 2010. Microsoft’s latest and most advanced system features a user-friendly user interface by making use of Metro, the design language also used for the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. This overarching scheme allows end-users to transition smoothly between Windows fully functional and mobile operating systems by providing consistent style and format.

As part of Microsoft Corporation’s aim for semi-open development, the Windows Phone mobile operating system integrates third-party services created by independent developers. Several Microsoft services are, of course, pre-installed in the product. Service updates can also be

Energy Efficient Window Film Vs New Windows

First you need to find out if you really need new windows.

Here are some questions for you, answer as if the cost wasn’t an issue:

  • In Winter time frost or ice forms on the inside of your windows panes?
  • You never get to hear your fridge motor, even at nights?
  • You live on a busy street and cars and noises bother you all the time?
  • In cold weather your windows let the cold air in, you can see your draperies moving and feel cold air sometimes?
  • Your windows are difficult to operate, elders and children may be at risk in case of emergency? (Are your windows too heavy?)
  • Are your frames rotten, or you have dry rots around the outside of your windows?
  • Are your windows are aesthetically unappealing?
  • Can you see light through your window frames?
  • Are you just looking to save money on your energy bill?
  • You got aluminum framed windows and these are damaged, faded to rusted brown, yellowish, or so.?
  • Do you see broken seals around your window frames, the grids are fallen, or have another major issue?
  • You are building an addition or remodeling a room?
  • You got a room that is too dark, has a nice area for a better window

Windows Movie Maker

If you have a passion for being a film maker to showcase your artistic talent, you can easily choose online movie making programs. Using an advanced Microsoft Windows XP, you can create an excellent movie which can be shared through internet portals. Your family members, friends and other relatives can watch online movies which have been made by you using sophisticated technology. It has now become very easy to shoot the movies just staying at home. Movie Maker is a sophisticated software tool to edit the video online. This software device is backed by Windows XP system. You can even store online movies in CDs and DVDs. If you have Video Media Player, you can easily watch the movie through your laptop or digital notebook.

In this connection, you can even watch online podcasts and You Tubes for observing demos. It will give you a short brush up training program to learn fast how to make a movie online. In the past, a family album helped a man to hold on to the past memories through preservation of still pictures and photos. Now technology has transformed with time. You can capture beautiful moments which you have

Windows Vista

After a gap of nearly 5 years, Microsoft released the latest version of Windows which is named as Vista. With a name change from Longhorn to Vista, the stable version of Windows is expected to be released during November 2006. The beta version of this software is already available as a free download. If you have a lot of patience or a very high speed internet connection then you can download Vista which is nearly 2.5 GB in size.

Microsoft promises that Vista will have plenty of new features which includes updated graphical user interface (GUI), Windows DVD Maker – a new creation tool for multimedia – and totally revamped audio, print and networking sub-systems. Vista will make use of peer-to-peer technology to make file sharing between networked computers easier. With the inclusion of Virtual PC in Vista, Microsoft claims that running previous versions of Windows simultaneously on the same machine will not be a problem

The developers can make use of the Net Framework version 3.0 introduced in Vista. This version is claimed to be easier to work with than the traditional Windows API.

The most common criticism of Windows XP is its unstable

Low Cost Windows Phone

Nokia is on a crusade to get their name back on top with the help of Windows Phone. No doubt you’ve already heard about Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft’s new Windows Phone software.

The software is an amazing alternative to people getting tired of the Android – iOS battle already. It’s high time someone actually made a software capable being refreshing and engaging at the same time, not just for the sake of being different.

With BlackBerry effectively out of the game, Microsoft has moved in to takes its place in the Big Pantheon of smartphone software greats, and it shows they’re here to stay with the Windows Phone.

If you’re looking to sell your phone for an upgrade, or if you’re in a bind, then the Nokia Lumia 610 is a great phone for you.

The Lumia 610 has average build quality, which is expected for its price range.

The plastic body is very nice despite the materials used. As always, Nokia manages to make durable phones despite the price.

Regarding the shape, it looks very close to its more expensive sibling, the Lumia 710. Both feature a rectangular shape with

Differences Between Linux And Windows

This article will discuss the differences between the Linux and Windows operating software’s; we discuss some of the pro’s and con’s of each system.

Let us first start out with a general overview of the Linux operating system. Linux at its most basic form is a computer kernel. The Kernel is the underlying computer code, used to communicate with hardware, and other system software, it also runs all of the basic functions of the computer.

The Linux Kernel is an operating system, which runs on a wide variety of hardware and for a variety of purposes. Linux is capable of running on devices as simple as a wrist watch, or a cell phone, but it can also run on a home computer using, for example Intel, or AMD processors, and its even capable of running on high end servers using Sun Sparc CPU’s or IBM power PC processors. Some Linux distro’s can only run one processor, while others can run many at once.

Common uses for Linux include that of a home desktop computing system, or more commonly for a server application, such as use as a web server, or mail server. You can even

Control Based On Bluetooth Technology

Nowadays on the market there are products that offer PC lock solutions. The idea is that you have a small “e-tablet” dongle in your hands and a receiver connected to USB port. It works like a car key.

By using your Bluetooth compatible mobile could do the same – just come in and Windows gets logged on – just step out – and it gets locked/hibernated. There are a few programs that provide such solution. They are: Wireless PC locks (GoldLantern, FrozenCPU, TrippLite), AccessAngel and Rohos Logon Key.

Listing each program’s advantages and disadvantages would be time consuming thus I would like to take note of Rohos Logon Key software.

The Rohos Logon Key enables to use wireless devices equipped with BlueTooth for computer security. Your mobile phone or pocket PC, Palm, Nokia plays the role of your wireless key from your computer. It provides automatic Windows access approaching the computer with mobile phone. Computer will be protected with password, but you don’t have to enter it manually, thus making life easier for lazybones J.

When you step away from computer – Rohos Logon automatically locks the screen.

Using a generous 15-day trial

iPhone or Windows Phone

High-end mobile phones, also commonly known as smartphones, are increasingly becoming relevant to businesses. It is not uncommon for companies to align their business and software strategies with the technology developments, of which smartphone use is one of the reigning trends. Given their greater built-in functionalities, smartphones make it easier for everyone in the business arena – from the primary decision makers to the working professionals – to do and accomplish things quicker.

Smartphones have become a constant companion of CEOs and workers alike who want to keep themselves organized without having to carry a bunch of bulky gadgets. These days, handsets are “smart” enough to offer flexibility with tasks such as taking and reviewing notes; setting appointments; or reviewing documents and contracts – all while its user is on the move.

Smartphone functionalities that have been proven to be highly usable for enterprises include map access, satnavs and information sharing features, all of which have become indispensable tools for international business marketing, while taking entrepreneurs a step ahead of their daily schedules.

Quite expectedly, smartphone use has seen an upsurge in recent months, indicating an unrelenting expansion of the smartphone market. Global leader in

Info About Induction Loop System

The whole scale of the history, technology and Rediffusion’s development of induction loop systems was internally published in an aide-mémoire for the then global Rediffusion/ British Electric Traction Empire, and dispensed amid an international contingent of engineers and company directors going to an engineering conference at the Bromley Court Hotel, 1974.

Thousands of organizations, in the UK and abroad, use Contacta induction loop systems every day. Contacta Info Loop induction loop systems also help service providers comply with the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, which came fully into force on October 1st 2004. Audio Induction Loop systems are the most generally used hearing systems in most building within the UK. The irony of reporting a none functioning induction loop system is that if the system is not working, a deaf person is less likely to be able to hear the responses of the employees as they make there this is not working at report.

You can use Assistive Listening Systems for the hearing impaired whether you’re a teacher with hearing impaired students in your classroom, an administrator or member of a house of worship with hard of hearing congregants, or a manager of a public facility,

Internet Speed Test

The Internet has changed our life entirely. This new technology has become a major element which influences all that we do at work and at home. Hence we can say that our entire activity depends on the Internet speed, because according to this we can spend more or less time to accomplish what we intended to do. Since we live in a speedy century, we all are looking for a very high Internet speed, but this is not always an easy deal.

The first step is to learn how to find out what your Internet speed is. The Internet speed is determined by 2 components: the download rate and the upload rate of data which are usually measured in Kilobits per second. The download speed is the most important because we usually transfer files from Internet to our computer, but there are cases when we need a high upload speed.

We may test our internet speed in the manual way, by calculating the time our computer needs to transfer a file of a known size, but this is the old method.

The new way to determine our internet speed is to access a service

Computer Skill Development

Computer skill development is very vital for everyone in the modern world! It’s all about getting properly equipped in the use of PCs, laptops and other related devices. It involves intensive training on various aspects of computer operations. It’s indeed very important for everybody that wants to scale greater heights in his or her endeavors.

Computer skill development focuses on two major areas. They include hardware training and software training. The hardware aspect involves all kinds of training on several parts that make up a PC or laptop. Among such parts include monitor, hard disk, CPU, memory, motherboard, mouse, CD/DVD ROM, USB ports, LAN ports, and a lot more. Having a working knowledge of these parts helps the individual to know how to use the computer machine very well.

On the other hand, the software aspect involves regular training on diverse kinds of applications or programs. Among the basic programs that must be mastered include Windows packages, office programs and graphic design programs. These basic programs make the system to be functional. One must learn how to use them properly. There’s no way to operate the computer without developing quality skills on the use of